Aerial Mapping Services

Complete High resolution Site photograph in a similar time frame as a conventional exterior site visit that results in only select photos. Examples include:

  • Phase I ESAs;
  • Construction oversight;
  • Soil use oversight;
  • Initial Drilling program siting;
  • Excavation progress monitoring;
  • Spill/cleanup investigation and monitoring.

Aerial Mapping Products

All visual data products can be collected and distributed in 6k resolutions (Why 6k? See below for a comparison). Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Georeferenced Orthomosaics/Orthophotography;
  • Digital Elevation Models (DEMs);
  • High Density Point Clouds for import into CAD;
  • High Polygon textured 3D models.

Why Custom Orthophotography and 6k?

For years industries have used publicly available orthophotographs or have had to pay for expensive manned flights. With the increase availability of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), site specific orthophotography is now more affordable and much higher detail.

Drone Vistas uses cameras that have at a minimum 4k resolution, however, we choose to shoot in 6k at every opportunity. This includes orthomosaics, 3D models, and other still photography. The increased resolution provides amazing detail in these products. The high resolution and a 1" CCD sensor in our cameras, allows us to get down to <1 GSD (ground sampling distance). An orthomosaic with 1 GSD means that each pixel represents 1 cm linearly on the ground.  Standard municiple generated orthomosaics may have a GSD on the order of 16 cm to 30 cm (0.5ft to 1ft). It is easy to se the quality difference in the images below.

0.24 GSD photo taken by Drone Vistas0.24 GSD photo taken by Drone Vistas